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24 Hour Locksmith Service

Car Locksmith In Yuma AZ

We can unlock cars, cut car keys, and program key fobs for most cars. Call us for details.

If You’ve Locked the Keys in Your Car, You’re Not Alone

According to one source, four million drivers per year lock their keys in the car, and in many cases that creates an urgent situation for them and their children, pets, groceries on a hot day, or simply important events waiting for them during the rest of the day. At Kwik Key And Locks, from our Yuma, AZ base we rescue clients around Yuma County who need to get into their car, trunk, glove box, or even unlock their bike carrier or ski rack. With all the technology cars have today, getting in the door to drive can still be an occasional challenge for anyone. Our locksmith service has been helping people since 2005, with general locksmith skills that allow us to solve most lock and key problems on the first visit to your car, home, or office. We conduct our mobile locksmith business with integrity, honesty, and upfront affordable pricing.

Comprehensive Car Key Services for Asian and Domestic Vehicles

As a NASTF member, we specialize in providing car key services for Asian and domestic vehicles. From all keys lost situations to programming new keys, we have the expertise to handle a wide range of car key needs. We can do the new Toyota incode/outcode and have a vast inventory of OEM keys on hand for various makes and models. In addition to cars, we also provide keys for motorcycles and ATVs.

Extra Keys, Remotes, and More

Need an extra key or remote for your vehicle? We’ve got you covered. Our extensive inventory of OEM keys ensures that we can provide you with the right key for your car, truck, or RV. We also offer key duplication services, so you can have a spare key on hand for emergencies.

Car Keys for Older Vehicles

We don’t offer auto programming and high-security keys for newer vehicles with key fobs, but we do offer edge-cut keys for older vehicles at a lower price than a dedicated auto locksmith. Call for details.

That Sinking Feeling As You Shut the Car Door or Close the Trunk

vehicle door lock being picked

If you’ve locked your keys in the car or in the trunk, we will come out and pick the door or trunk lock with our professional lock pick tools. When performed by a trained professional, lock picking doesn’t take long and will not damage the lock.

If you’ve locked your keys in the car or in the trunk, we will come out and pick the door or trunk lock with our professional lock pick tools. When performed by a trained professional, lock picking doesn’t take long and will not damage the lock.

Did you just drop your keys in the trunk and then lock it? Can you see your keys through the car window but somehow, someone has locked the doors? Are you worried about how long it’s going to take to get in, and how much it’s going to cost just to open your locked car? We know that emergency locksmith calls, especially car unlock service calls, often have a story behind them and we want that story to end happily. Rather than have the car towed to the dealer or your repair shop just to get it opened, we can put our expertise to work and take care of the situation on the spot.

Affordable and Careful Service That Protects Your Car

Our up-front pricing and affordable services are delivered by an experienced, qualified locksmith for cars, with the skills and tools to carefully provide access to your car doors, trunk, and other locked items on your car from racks and tires to your glove box. We’re a better choice than the so-called cheap locksmith, we take time to protect your car.

Keep Our Number Handy for Home and Business Locksmith Services

As skilled locksmiths, we understand the inner workings of many different kinds of locks, from your car door to your front door and the wide variety of locks at your business. We not only open locked car doors, but we also open your home when you’re stuck without keys or when there’s lock damage, and get you into your office when you left your keys at home. Count on us for lock repairs, rekeying, and upgrades, and for new security ideas including electronic access control and high-security locks to meet your needs as they change from year to year.

Serving Stranded Drivers Throughout the Yuma County

When you’re looking for an emergency lockout service with straightforward pricing and convenient mobile service, Kwik Key And Locks belongs right at the top of your list. Our car unlock service is helping many of those four million Americans who locked their keys in the car, truck, or glovebox, and you can be one of them. Give us a call to open your locked car or for any of our locksmith services, including our specialized car key services for Asian and domestic vehicles.